I’ve tried every CBD Bath Product and there is nothing even comparable to Cannabomb’s results for my condition (EDS or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder).

Dianne, WA USA

Cannabomb CBD Bathbombs & Soaking Salts are my favorite self-love-spa experience! It is so relaxing to drop a Cannabomb in my bathtub after a long day at work.

Nicole, Texas via Facebook

Thank you Cannabombs for giving me a healthy and organic way to purify myself of negativity. You’re truly the Bomb! By the way, Pink Passion was my favorite “bomb.”

Synthia, OR, UA

CBD Skin Care Products by Cannabombs is a non-prescription way to ease your chronic aches, pains and anxieties.

Jasmine, San Diego

I use Cannabombs in my tub allow the CBD work to help manage spasms and pain. It works. Cannabombs CBD source has been the most effective of the topical products I have found.

Ashley, Arizona

Cannabombs medicated soaking products have changed my self care routine!  I am a Cannabombs customer for life!

Julie, Florida