About Us


Established in 2017, Cannabombs CBD Skin Care was created by an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient, Jenna Hensley. The efficacy of her handmade products have brought Cannabombs CBD Skin Care to now over 20 retail stores nationwide today in 2019, helping people relax from coast to coast.

Every single ingredient has been very carefully thought out and hand chosen to ensure the finest care of the largest organ of your body – your skin! Cannabombs CBD Skin Care prides itself on using organic, ethical and vegan ingredients. Cannabombs bathbombs are JUMBO sized and made with USA Grown & Third Party Lab Tested Hemp.



Cannabombs founder Jenna Hensley, is a life long avid bath taker and hot springs afficionado. Inspired by her love of all things hemp and cannabis…and warm baths: Cannabombs was born!

Today, our crew is working around the clock to bring Cannabombs to a store and bathtub near you. We appreciate your business and wish you a wonderful soaking experience. For retail or wholesale orders please email us at: Sales@TheCannabomb.Com