About Us


Jenna Hensley is the sole proprietor, founder and creator of Cannabombs, LLC. Jenna has been hand pressing Cannabombs since 2017.

Beginning in her Oregon Medical Marijuana Program “Glacier” Garden in Bend, Oregon, the perfect Cannabomb was crafted.

Every ingredient has been very carefully thought out to ensure the finest care of the largest organ of your body – your skin!


Jenna has grown up as an avid bath taker and hot-springs aficionado who also uses cannabis both orally and topically for medicinal purposes.

Inspired by her daily hot soaks, Jenna knew right away that her delectable at-home concoctions needed to be brought to the next level and shared with the world.

The Cannabombs crew works today around the clock to hand mix, hand press and individually package each Cannabomb for your enjoyment and health!