“Cannabombs CBD Soaking Salts helps my little girl stay calm during her bath time. She has a rare form of Aicardi Syndrome which causes her to have mild seizures. The Magnesium Sulfates from the Soaking Salts combined with the CBD in warm water keeps Olivia comfortable in the water. She used to cry the entire bath time and now after a Cannabombs bath, she sleeps and snores seizure free. There have not been many medicines that have this effect on Olivia and I am thrilled to have found a product that works for us. Our favorite is the Lavender Kush scents. There are now words to explain how thankful I am to The Cannabomb Company. Many Blessings to you!” – Maritza, California USA


“I have tried every CBD Bath Product on the market (in Oregon) and there is nothing even comparable to The Cannabomb’s results for my condition (EDS or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder). The choices of ingredients The Cannabombs make in their products leave my skin not only feeling conditioned but more importantly my body grateful. CBD helps me with my chronic pain and helps me combat inflammation. Bath time is a nearly a religious experience to me, soaking in minerals is an all time favorite treat. It is one of the best ways for me to get magnesium and the essential oils (and the terpenes sincerely prepare me to get a good rest too)! Cannabombs products are the CBD Spa Experience you have been waiting for!”  -Dianne, Washington USA


“I work on a farm cultivating hemp and cannabis flowers and I have truly fallen in love with The Cannabombs products. I use them daily after a long hard days work in the fields and nothing feels better on my body afterward. As someone who already loves every ingredient being used (CBD, Organic Essential Oils, Clays, Minerals, Organic Flowers & Citrus Peels…) I love this product and look forward to my nightly routine of soaking in my medications, plant based therapy is the best way to gift the largest organ on my body! I get regular deliveries of Cannabombs to keep my body feeling renewed daily and able to do what I get to do everyday! My favorite scent is Green Queen.” – Dawni, Oregon USA


“Cannabombs Soaking Salts & Sugar Scrubs are my perfect CBD Sauna & Shower companion. I use this product because it’s natural and it helps me with my skin problems and tense muscles, as well as doubles as an exfoliant, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic essential oil experience. I don’t bathe in the tub often, but I do use the Salts and Scrubs in the morning daily to exfoliate dead skin and massage into places that hurt – in both my shower and sauna. Cannabombs will undoubtedly one day become a worldwide brand as the medicinal benefits are undeniable.” -Lynn, Texas USA


“Cannabomb CBD Bathbombs & Soaking Salts are my favorite self-love-spa experience! It is so relaxing to drop a Cannabomb in my bathtub after a long day at work. I use a Cannabomb to relax my muscles and get some aromatherapy at the same time.” -Nicole, Texas USA


“CBD Skin Care Products by Cannabombs is a non-prescription way to ease your chronic aches, pains and anxieties. Soaking in the tub with cannabidiol extract, essential oils, minerals and natural elements is a gentle and wonderful way to treat yourself.” –Jasmine, San Diego USA


“I am a woman in Arizona who lives with Fibromyalgia, Neuralgia, Sciatica, IBS and PTSD and Cannabidiol is my medicine! Cannabombs CBD bathbombs and CBD Soaking Salts help keep my skin calm because soaking in CBD is my preferred way to medicate with my neurological disorders.  When I cannot orally medicated, I use Cannabombs in my tub allow the CBD work to help manage spasms and pain. It works. Cannabombs CBD source has been the most effective of the topical products I have found online for sale today and I am proud to represent this product and share my experience with anyone with these disorders!” – Ashley, Arizona USA


“I’ve struggled with chronic anxiety for the past 3 years now and for my my safe place has always been in a warm shower/bath. Today particularly was one of those, I just wanna hide under the covers and disappear kind of days. But instead I said forget that! Get in the bath girl and soak in some weed that’s why all these beautiful flowers were put on this earth! FOR YOU! 5 mins into it and I was already smiling with my eyes close listening to music and realizing that it’s ok to not have everything in control there IS beauty in the chaos. So thank you Cannabombs for giving me a health and organic way to purify myself of negativity, you’re truly the Bomb! By the way, Pink passion was my favorite!”

– Synthia, Oregon USA


“This CBD Bathbomb left me feeling restored, recovered and revitalized. My sore and tense muscles were relieved and my skin was smooth and soft with I was done with my bath. I have to say I really enjoyed the aroma of the Key Lime Kush and Cannabombs are truly the perfect way tog et the most out of my evening bath. This is definietly one of my favorite CBD topicals.” – Laura, Oregon USA

“Cannabombs medicated soaking products have changed my self care routine! I recieved a Six Pack from my daughter as a gift and have been purchasing them for myself and my friends since! They make for a fabulous gift and Cannabombs will gift wrap and include a card too! The packaging is wonderful and what’s inside is even better! As a bath taker, adding a single Cannabomb or a whole bag of Soaking Salts to my tub helps relax my muscles after a long hard day’s work. Each scent smells so good! The CBD, organic essential oils and coconut and hemp oils condition my skin and work as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-fungal. I love the Key Lime Kush Cannabomb and the Jasmine Kush. I am a Cannabombs customer for life!” – Julie, Florida USA